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As filter plastic parts division of INDRO FILTRATION GROUP, Shanghai Filter Plasticparts Co., Ltd. focus on designing and developing plastic parts of industrial filters,  is one professional filter plastic parts company and factory.


With more than 30 sets of filter plastic parts making machines lines, we are manufacturing and supplying filter plastic parts and filter net as followings:

-Plastic outer cage and inner core of filter cartridge: polypropylene, fiberglass filter cages, filter tubes, inner cores for small diameter filter cartridges and high flow filter cartridges.

-Plastic end caps of filter cartridge: basic and common end caps, connector caps, end cover, adaptors which are made of polypropylene, fiberglass and other plastic materials.

-O rings of filter cartridge: seal gasket, sealing rings made of silicon, NBR, EPDM and Viton.

-Plastic ring of filter bag: PP/PE/Nylon plastic rings used for industrial filter bags.

-Plastic Net/Mesh: Filter mesh, plastic net/mesh used as filter pleating support and production outer sleeve.

We service customers in the most diverse industrial branches- and this world-wide, such as North America, South America, European, South East Asia and other area etc.


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